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Information for Musicians

Project and Framework Conditions

The project is still relatively young which can mean that sometimes things don’t run in fixed routines or perfectly. However, it also means that every individual can have a large impact on the success of the project and work independently. We remain in close contact with the volunteers and can react quickly to changed situations. It is therefore important that volunteers feel comfortable working independently and in a small team and wish to play an active role in the project. Responsibilities include instrumental instruction, general musical education and leading choirs and orchestras. Volunteers are required to have the capabilities of teaching an orchestra instrument at a basic level and should have substantial experience of playing in an orchestra or singing in a choir.

The volunteer’s accommodation is located in the Odehe Center. We work in close cooperation with this centre for African drumming and dance and instrumental instruction takes place right on our doorstep. Accommodation is free of charge for our volunteers, however a small fee is to be paid for water, electricity and internet. As the organisation is dependent on donations, we cannot provide financial support for food, airfare and visa costs.


The duties of the volunteers depend on individual preferences and on the current situation in the project. Volunteers currently spend two days a week teaching in both Kinderparadise, an orphanage in Prampram, and at the AMIS School in Nima. General music lessons take place during the school day and after school instrumental instruction and orchestra experience takes place in small groups or as one-to-one lessons. We also teach children from our neighbourhood at the Odehe Centre and at multiple primary schools in the area.

Our close partnership with geniusHive, a Ghanaian music school enables us to work closely with young, Ghanaian musicians and profit from their expertise. The cooperation also has the great advantage of creating a relaxed environment for the cultural and social exchange between Ghanaian musicians and our volunteers.

Concerts with students from different parts of the project take place two to three times a year. We strive to enable students to perform in larger groups as regularly as possible as this gives them a personal goal to work towards and public appreciation provides motivation.

Regional Features

Ghana is a relatively stable and safe country in West Africa. However, the climate and culture are very different to what we are used to in Europe. A decision to work in Ghana as a volunteer, must therefore be followed by solid preparation.


If you are interested in a musical voluntary service in Ghana please follow this Link. If you have any unanswered project specific questions concerning your application, you can contact Maike Hämmerle: