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Accra Youth SinfoniettaAccra Youth Sinfonietta is an inclusive ensemble that draws together children in the Accra region who play a classical instrument.  There are currently more than 50 members including many of our music students. The enseble has performed in various locations around Accra.

Anani Memorial International School: A primary school in Nima. We have been in close collaboration with this school since 2013 and it is a pleasure to see how much the students have learned and developed during this time.

geniusHive: A music school, that aims to teach music professionally at a high standard and is working towards a West African Youth Symphony Orchestra. We have a long standing partnership with geniusHive and have realised many concerts and projects together.

Korle Gonno Community Library: we have been working closely with this library since 2018. At the moment approximately 20 children have lessons on the violin, the cello, the oboe, the clarinette or the bassoon.

Maamobi Bethany Preperatory and Junior High School: Many students from the AMIS continue their education here. Our partnership with this school gives students the opportunity to receive a continuous musical education.

Nima Maamobi Community Learning Centre: This small oasis of quiet and learning is within walking distance from our partner schools in Nima. Our volunteers and Ghanaian teachers from the National Symphony Orchestra have been teaching on these premises since 2013 and the children can use the garden to practice and play music together.

Nungua Senior High School: A school in Nungua, that we are in close contact with and where some older students have reached high standards on their insturments.

Skills Acquisition Foundation: SAF is a Ghanaian NGO, that aims to build talents and skills among children from different cultures and backgrounds. SAF has the vision of giving all children equal right to education to empower themselves to determine their own future. We work together closely with SAF, especially in Nima.

Odehe Centre:A centre for African drum music and dance. We have a  close cooperation with the Odehe, as the centre kindly hosts our volunteers during their stay in Accra. Weekly instrumental lessons take place at the Odehe centre and we greatly appreciate the many possibilities for the synthesis of Ghanaian and European music.