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Thank you for supporting our project in Accra!

We work together with betterplace, the largest online donation platform in Germany. Musiker ohne Grenzen – Accra e.V. is registered as a non-profit organisation at the tax authority. If you let us know your address with your donation, you will receive a confirmation of your donation by February of the following year.

The same conditions apply if you would like to support the organisation directly with a donation to our account: IBAN DE 61 4306 0967 2004 5409 01 (GLS Bank) Address: Musiker ohne Grenzen – Accra e.V., Alfred-Wegener-Weg 3, 20459 Hamburg

If you have any questions regarding donations, please feel free to contact Nicolaj Wolf,

If you would like to donate an instrument (only instruments in playable conditions please), please contact Markus Baisch:

Donate now for „Musikschulen für Kinder und Jugendliche in Accra, Ghana“ using our Partner